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Dominican Republic law

For most people interested in purchasing in the Dominican Republic, the only time you will NEED to contact a lawyer, is when you are involved in a real estate transaction. It is also recommendable to use a notory when purchasing high value items such as cars etc.. We highly recommend the use of lawyer if you wish to pursue the Dominican Republic residency program to apply for your provisional residency. When it is time for renewal, your Spanish.... should be good enough for you to make the re-applications by yourself. The Dominican Republic also offers incentives for retirees from abroad.

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions in the Dominican Republic are governed by Property Registry Law No. 108-05 and its Regulations, in force since April 4, 2007. Ownership of property is documented by "Certificates of Title" issued by Title Registry Offices.

Steps Involved in a Real Estate Transaction

• Preliminary Steps: Real estate purchases in the Dominican Republic do not usually follow the North American pattern of a written offer tendered by the buyer to the seller, followed by the seller=s written acceptance. Instead, after verbal agreement is reached by the buyer and seller on the price, a binding Promise of Sale is prepared by an attorney (solicitor) or notary public which is signed by both parties. (Notaries in the Dominican Republic are required to have a law degree.)

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Dominican Republic Citizenship

Although very rarely taken up by any of our clients, in certain circumstances, foreign nationals can also apply for citizenship to the Domincian Republic.

Article 18 of the Constitution establishes the following as Dominican nationals:

a) A person born to a mother or father with Dominican nationality, regardless of the country in which the parent lives;

b) A person born in the Dominican Republic, except a person (i) born to a member of a foreign diplomatic service or consulate in the country, (ii) born to an illegal resident, or (iii) born to a foreigner "in transit" as defined by Dominican law;

c) A person marrying a Dominican national, upon fulfillment of the requirements established by law;

d)The direct descendants of Dominicans residing in a foreign country; 

e)A person who is naturalized.

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An applicant must meet specific residency requirements as explained....

Dominican Republic Residency

Residency in the Dominican Republic can be a straight forward process, as long as your paperwork is well organised and you use a good lawyer. If you are familiar with the Spanish language, you can manage the process on your own. However, we normally advise clients to use a lawyer in the first instance and then manage their own residency renewals.

General Immigration Law No. 285-04, enacted August 15, 2004, and Law No. 875 of July 21, 1978, govern the flow of migrants to and from the Dominican Republic, and grant the Immigration Department (Dirección General de Migración) the authority to control the national borders and administer the law. 

A foreign national is admitted to the Dominican Republic either as a "nonresident" or "resident." Nonresidents are those who intend to stay in the country for a limited time for a particular purpose such as pleasure or business, and require a visa or tourist card for legal entry. A resident is a foreign national who is staying in the country for an extended period and has obtained legal residency status, evidenced by a residency card.

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